I have been to such a beautiful nature’s heavenly place called VALPARAI, Tamilnadu, INDIA. 

This place is a mindblowing hillstation with lesser pollution(infact 0 pollution). The trees speak, birds sing, water stream plays background score and you can feel the melody in air. 

The pics I post here is taken by a normal mobile phone, so pls bear with the quality. 

The smell of tea leaves make us to hault. The rain drops in leaves remembers the diamonds. 

The pathway is wetty and slippery with leeches that tastes our blood. The nature mezmerises and the pathway make us to Fall. 

The road remembers us the concept of life. “Dear human, if u withstand the tough path with ups and downs, twists and turns, I shall gift you a nature”… 

In total, you can enjoy nature without any distractions like phone signal, traffic etc except the leeches. 


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Author: everybodygottalentblog

I am the one who view world in a different angle. If you dont have platform to showcase talents, CREATE it

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  1. Hi Everybody got Talent! I’d like to personally thank you for following my blog! So thankful for the support. Welcome to the “All the places she goes” family! Thanks again!
    xx, Shreya❤️

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