Toffee Cappucino

Hi friends 

I went cafe coffee day (CCD), with my loved one. 

Had Toffee Cappucino with her. When I had Toffee Cappucino infront of me, I for got she is near me. 

She started speaking something. It is really something infront of Cappucino. 

The toffee blend with Cappucino is simply superb. They served with a spider web design of Choclate syrup on the top. 

The Cup measures 250ml but it means a lot to me. To my followers, I give a eye treat of Toffee Cappucino 

Hope u like it foodies


Talent Hunter 


Author: everybodygottalentblog

I am the one who view world in a different angle. If you dont have platform to showcase talents, CREATE it

16 thoughts on “Toffee Cappucino”

  1. The idea of coffee, book, a cafe by the road side, on a rainy evening, has always been too tempting to resist! Damn I am dreaming again! 🙂

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