This post is about a girl who gifted her husband an awesome craft work. She is a busy working woman in a leading MNC. 

“I love my husband than anything in the world. I would like to gift him, what I made than I procure it as bought out. This is something special about me. “, Says that girl

Its a phenomenal work by you.  


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Bigg boss – Tamil

The show bigg boss tamil initial promotional video made tamil people to question Themselves inself that.  What is bigg boss??  Why Mr. Kamal Haasan is acting in this?? 

To the die hard fans of Mr. Kamal Haasan, its a nightmare to see their thalai(Don of acting), in small screen. Vijay TV made a bold and clever attempt in trying this for the first time. 

The day of launch came. There was huge expectation from audience and the crew of Bigg Boss aswell. But, there Were lot of gangs against the Bigg boss show in various parts of Tamilnadu. 

Later on, the Bigg boss started claiming its peak. People of tamilnadu started reducing their day span from 24hours to 22+2 hours for bigg boss. The title Winner has to stay 100days in the BB house without any claim. But the princess Oviya (competitor in BB), won peoples Heart through her unique characteristics and behaviour. Though she volunteerly came out of the show, she won the people’s crown.

To be continued……… 


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I came to know an energetic guy enjoying his bachelor life by exploring All parts of the world. 

Amongst one, he recently went to Thailand and shared some of the best moments. 

“My view of life is to work when u work and enjoy when u enjoy, I have a habit of rouding world once in a year. Enjoyed bluish bachelor, thai massage, and shopping. The thing that made me backlog is the Thai food, which reduced my weight around 4kgs in 5days”,Says Mr. Kamal, Chennai, India. 


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