Cochin – Port city

Hi friends 

I am pleasured in posting an excellent photography done by my friend SABARI_DSN. 

He Went to the Port city – COCHIN for a project. There he had a mind blowing captures. 

“I came to cochin for a project. But cochin welcomed me as photographer. Sea breeze, Large trees, nice people, old temple, busy Port etc. Is the speciality of cochin “, Says sabari


Talent hunter 


Blue Whale – Say NO

Dear friends, 

Its been a sad news to hear such a stupid innovation by a game Inventor. Really I mess that where the society being dragged upon. 

CHILDREN are the future generation of your country, home, even u….  How then they are being cared??? 

Ur child is ur every thing. Then how do you Fail to care them. I donot blame only CHILDREN. There is equal negligence by parents too. Ofcourse, freedom is the required one for CHILDREN. But, it shouldnot spoil them. 

  • Speak with them with an open mind
  • Care them with love
  • Protect them with more concentration 
  • Encourage them for a good deed
  • Ask them to go for a jog, yoga, exercise, explore their hobby. 
  • Be the boost for their tomorrows fruit, their future I Mean. 

    To the brainless creators(like blue whale game) :

    The invention that u made can be ur asset. But it shouldnot take other’s life. Its shame to be with. 

    With sorrows 

    Talent hunter

    Flowers that smile

    Hi friends, 

    Hope u r All doing good. Here with I am posting photography taken by friend Mr. Manikandan. 

    He took these pics during Tour to Swiss. 

    “I am glad that u are enjoying this blog. I love to share more pics like this. New, I am sharing two pics where my cam and flower spoke. Kudos to Talent hunter “, Says Manikandan 

    At Zero degrees. 

    Talent hunter 

    Vandaloor – Chennai

    Hi friends, 

    I went to a zoo located in Chennai namely, Aringyar Anna zoo, vandaloor. (Named after Former chief Minister, Tamilnadu) 

    I paid the entry fee and started walking. Cycling option is also available but I preferred walking(To reduce obesity). 

    Wild animals, birds, flies etc. Were ruling the landscape. I was enjoying their pseudo natural presence. 

    TThere I saw a photographer, who is not so by profession. But, he was enthusiastically grasping scenes. 

    II introduced myself to him and he named him as MANOJ. he said he is working in a MNC and he is Having a hobby of photography. He gifted me the pics to be pulished in our blog. Hope u like it. 


    Talent hunter 

    Hope-The only fuel 

    hi friends!!! 

    We would have heard a saying, “Opportunity knocks once”. 

    is it so???  We would have come across many situations that made us to believe that the above saying is wrong!!

    We have faced many Times that we dont get a single Opportunity to attain what we need. Let me put it in this way.

    “There were 5 little boys who were waiting in a queue of a pizza Corner. Its almost the closure time and half of the shops lights were put down already. The chef is able to prepare only 3pizzas till the closure time. All the 5 boys were in huge hunger and they are day labours too. 

    1. The first boy has the bothering attitude, by heaven sake he was blessed with 1pizza
    2. The second boy is little jealous and always bother about what others have. But he was also lucky enough to get 1.
    3. The third one is a mixed State or questioning State. Whether will I get or nothing?? He too got and the counter is closed. 
    4. The fourth one is Take it easy boy. He chilled out the stomach with water and came out of the shop without any mess. 
    5. The fifth kid is some what analysing type. He analysed y he dint get and went out with an answer. 

    Here, All the 5 kids are of same type. Its THE situation that changes the ability of personality. 

    If the fifth kid was the first one. He doesnt have the Opportunity of analysing the situation. 

    So, here Opportunity is meant as pizza. It doesnt Mean that 4th and 5th kid is blessed with Opportunity. It is the greatest lesson of analysing the things gone wrong situation which is par useful learning in life. 

    Hope for the Opportunity……. 

    If you dont get, 

    • Wait even more

    opportunity doesnt Knock the door. It will Wait until we open the door at the earliest. 

    Dedicated to All talented people who are yet to explore Opportunity (rather being explored by Opportunity) 

    Never lose hope


    Talent Hunter

    My new bike

    I participated in a clay art competition organised by an automobile organisation. 

    “I did it as a first try, as am new to clay art. But i got a positive response from the team. I dint take away any prizes. But I am blessed that my clay art got pulished in their anniversary magazine”


    Talent Hunter. 



    I have been to such a beautiful nature’s heavenly place called VALPARAI, Tamilnadu, INDIA. 

    This place is a mindblowing hillstation with lesser pollution(infact 0 pollution). The trees speak, birds sing, water stream plays background score and you can feel the melody in air. 

    The pics I post here is taken by a normal mobile phone, so pls bear with the quality. 

    The smell of tea leaves make us to hault. The rain drops in leaves remembers the diamonds. 

    The pathway is wetty and slippery with leeches that tastes our blood. The nature mezmerises and the pathway make us to Fall. 

    The road remembers us the concept of life. “Dear human, if u withstand the tough path with ups and downs, twists and turns, I shall gift you a nature”… 

    In total, you can enjoy nature without any distractions like phone signal, traffic etc except the leeches. 


    Talent Hunter