Foodie – Marriage Recipe

Hi friends, 

Few days back I attended my friend’s marriage. Wonderful desi style bride and groom. To cap it, the food they served was tasty and collectibile. I would like to share image. Hope u love it. 

  1. Hot and sour veg soup
  2. Rasamilai
  3. Paayasam(sweet) 
  4. Cashew sweet
  5. Masal dosai
  6. Aloo paratha
  7. Romali rotti
  8. Kuli paniyaram
  9. Panneer tikka
  10. Pappad
  11. Veg roll
  12. Cauliflower 65
  13. Raitha (onion and cucumber) 
  14. Pickle
  15. Kulfi ice
  16. Sweet Pan beeda

Hope u like it foodie lovers


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