Blue Whale – Say NO

Dear friends, 

Its been a sad news to hear such a stupid innovation by a game Inventor. Really I mess that where the society being dragged upon. 

CHILDREN are the future generation of your country, home, even u….  How then they are being cared??? 

Ur child is ur every thing. Then how do you Fail to care them. I donot blame only CHILDREN. There is equal negligence by parents too. Ofcourse, freedom is the required one for CHILDREN. But, it shouldnot spoil them. 

  • Speak with them with an open mind
  • Care them with love
  • Protect them with more concentration 
  • Encourage them for a good deed
  • Ask them to go for a jog, yoga, exercise, explore their hobby. 
  • Be the boost for their tomorrows fruit, their future I Mean. 

    To the brainless creators(like blue whale game) :

    The invention that u made can be ur asset. But it shouldnot take other’s life. Its shame to be with. 

    With sorrows 

    Talent hunter


    Author: everybodygottalentblog

    I am the one who view world in a different angle. If you dont have platform to showcase talents, CREATE it

    12 thoughts on “Blue Whale – Say NO”

        1. I agree! In countries all over the world the government has banned all sorts of things. Why not this one!? Why is this available to young children who can’t even differentiate between right and wrong! I can’t help but pity the parents. How indifferent

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